Thursday, December 1, 2011

Official Press Release

So here is the press release I am sending out on our seat springs. I’ve hated the junk taiwanchinakorea seat springs since I first let them infect my hands. Since I couldn’t find any quality alternative, I decided to get our own together. Check em out…

spring image 


Bare Knuckle Choppers is excited to about this new offering for all you chopper fiends; 3” stainless steel seat springs. These seat springs fix three major problems with the current springs offered to the public. First and foremost, these springs are made right here in the USA! Secondly, the springs eliminate the need for shoddy chrome plating, as they are made from stainless steel. And finally, they are 20% stiffer than the run of the mill springs out there. No more bottoming out!

Hey, the best part is the price! These bad boys are only $15! Electropolished version will be available soon, and will run ya a couple extra bucks. Of course dealer inquiries are always invited. Contact the crew at 1-888-240-NUKL or hit them on the web at and

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