Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Blown Glass Shift Knobs!!!!

We've gotten together with Jerome, our badass glass man to come up with these new beauties. Available in about a million different styles, shapes, and colors, no two are alike.

For the most part, each one will be posted here on the site with an individual price. Prices will range from $80-120, being tiered, depending on color, design, and material. The one you see will be the one you are buying.

This first batch utilizes a 3/8"-16 thread pitch. Future knobs will use a 3/8"-24 thread pitch.

While we are still working on our website, stay tuned to our blog, as this is the only place they are available, along with our showroom.

Also, keep in mind, these are made one at a time, by a short-tempered, well-armed craftsman. While he does top notch work, these are hand blown glass, and minor imperfections may occur. These bastards are tough as nails, made from a Pyrex type glass; they'll last.

This first batch is ready to go. Call or email...

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