Friday, March 18, 2011

Around the shop

Not a lot super interesting going on right now. Just building a lotta frames, pipes, n finishing Russ' bike.

Damn near done...

New sign. Hangin that bitch tomorrow.

The next four projects in waiting. Goddamn shovelhead nirvana! (not the gay band)

And a mess that we are still moving around.

Later y'all!


  1. Hey Paul, hope all is well congrats on the new shop. Thanks for the killer write up you did on my chopper class and the Drag Old Book build..thanks man!

  2. My pleasure Kev! I know it wasn't your type of build, which is why I focused on the kids more, but cool nonetheless. Definitely a milestone for you.

  3. is Russ buildin that D-rake bike?

  4. Yes, he's got it in the jig now. 14" up. Silly